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As I missed my normal day for posting on a Saturday, I thought I could show what my weekly shop looks like as Sunday is reset day! By no means is this a complete look into what I eat in a week; the key to a good diet is having ‘pantry essentials’. Spices, tinned beans, grains, etc. These things you can buy in bulk and just have them in the cupboard ready for whenever you need. This is merely a look into what perishables a tend to buy for the week.

Non-dairy dairy


I eat a lot of porridge so I need a few cartons of soya milk. I went through a stage of having oat milk however it has a lot more sugar and less protein than soya. Oat milk might be delicious, but it isn’t quite as healthy (still better than cow’s milk…). For anyone who likes to worry about vegans and their B12, this milk is fortified!

I picked up some vegan mayo, having never tried Tescos own-brand I’m hoping it tastes okay. I also grabbed some Alpro plain yogurt to eat with frozen fruit and possibly add to curries.

Root Vegetables


White potatoes, parsnips and carrots. These bags are super cheap in Tescos, all three of them came to about £2. These are for roasting, or possibly stews.

Fruit and other Veg


In this picture there is: spinach, aubergine, pre-cut butternut squash, asparagus, edamame beans, broccoli, peppers, strawberries, avocados, apples and tomatoes. The key to being healthy is lots of colour!

I sometimes get asked how I lost all my weight, and truthfully it was going vegan. I went vegetarian as a fad diet, and after watching Cowspiracy I went vegan for ethical reasons. I could have easily remained the same size; vegan doesn’t always equal healthy. You can still eat chips and Oreos. When going vegan I think the most important thing is to consider what you are adding to your diet, not taking away. Yes I don’t eat animals and cheese anymore, but I never ate quinoa or aubergines either. I do my best to try and fit as many vegetables into dishes as possible. It’s good to get a variety of micronutrients, and they fill you up with minimal calories. Yes you can diet by making your meals half the size, but that’s hard and depressing. Just make vegetables a priority on your plate.

Protein and Fake Meats


I have a fair amount of fake meats and beans at home, this is just a top up. I eat tofu weekly, and I bought just the one tin of kidney beans for a Mexican dish. Turns out I’ve already got about 4 tins in the cupboard anyway… And always buy value range beans! They all come from the same place, just because something has a fancy label it doesn’t mean it’s better. Linda McCartney’s stuff is processed food but I don’t really care. It’s damn delicious, and I love the sausages with roasted vegetables.



I usually buy the Uncle Ben’s Wholegrain & Quinoa pouches, however I spotted these today which were half the price! Very excited to try these, especially the pouches with beans. It would be cheaper for me to cook my own grains rather than using microwave pouches, but I’m a busy gal and there is nothing wrong with convenience.

Sweet Stuff


Handy tip for shopping for nuts: stick to the world foods section. Bags of nuts can be pretty pricey, but the Aasani range is much cheaper (and these were reduced too). I need to fill up my ‘fruit & nut mix’ jar, these are just some additions I was missing.

I don’t eat much refined sugar, but I use golden syrup in my energy balls and sticky soy aubergine.

Nut Butter


I actually bought this the other day, but I want to share it with you. It’s no secret that I’m a peanut butter addict. I never bother buying almond butter because it’s usually very expensive, and some ‘healthy’ nut butters are drowning in oil and gross. Tescos have just released their own range which included this almond butter. It was reasonably priced and tastes great! Very happy.

I’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed having a look in my shopping bags, and I’ll try to do better at posting on time next week.

Charlee x

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